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We are seeking data for a project on voting patterns of journalists in western countries. This data is often very hard to come by without knowledge of the local language and organizations. Therefore, we will pay €30 for every dataset that covers the voting patterns of journalists in Finland.


  • Data must be from after year 2000.
  • Data must be a poll amongst journalists which asks which party they vote for.
  • Alternatively their preferred party or their party inclination.
  • Please include where you found the data.

The datasets should be sent

Please include “Dataset” in the subject of your submission.

Payment will be made via PayPal or Bitcoin.

We look forward to your submissions.

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Hello! My friend linked me this song, Taalla Pohjantahden Alla - by Petri Laaksonen, a couple years ago. Since then, I've come to love the melody so much that I've even memorized the lyrics and can sing (albeit probably with laughable pronunciation) + play it on the piano.

However, I've always wondered the meaning and cultural significance behind the song. I'm able to find quite a few covers for the song, some of which are performed in rock/concert-like environments but more often than not are done so in churches. There also seems to be another, older song with the same name, and I know there is a book named likewise that goes over various wars in Finland leading to independence (don't really know many details).

So in short: - Does the song have any particular meaning?

  • Why is this song so popular? Is there some sort of cultural significance I'm missing because I don't live there/speak the language?

Thank you!

Edit: Just one of many covers, they seem to have made up their own third verse! I don't recognize the lyrics there at all.

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Hello! I was trying to do some basic research on Finnish welfare and hopefully some of you can help me out.

Just got some simple questions like how much money would one typically receive? Whats the minimum? Whats the highest? Whats average? And what is taken into account when they come up with your sum?

Im also curious to if you have a minimum wage over there, I know a guy who earns 1300 euros a month after taxes and he works 8 hours a day, is this a normal salary?

Thanks to anyone who can answer one or more questions :)

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Okay, there are so many new restaurants in Helsinki (or other cities!) that I thought we could do a "what's good, what's bad" thread again because I can't keep up.

Haven't been going out to eat much, but still rate Singapore Hot Wok in Kamppi as my favorite meal 10€ and under. Daddy Greens pizza in Töölö was also great, and I've heard it compared to Via Tribulani.

What else have people tried recently?

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Hi there! I'm a 21 year old Aussie guy looking to expand my horizons and hopefully make a friend in Finland. I'm currently planning on doing an exchange to Aalto University in 2019, and so was hoping to learn a bit about Finnish culture and everyday life. I'm currently studying mathematics and in my spare time I enjoy hiking, binging Netflix, reading, drinking tea and love a cheeky party. I'm just about to start learning the Finnish language, so any help with that would be greatly appreciated too. Let me know if you'd be keen!

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Hi! I didn't find any other big Finnish subreddit so if there is one I would love to hear about it. I am a Swedish citizen with my father being Finnish but moving here as a young child. I would like to know how many Finnish people speak Swedish? I would like to look into perhaps moving to Finland permanently since there are many things over here that I do not like. What would I need to buy a house on Finnish lands?

Thank you

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Okay so throwaway account obviously. I've lived in Finland for a while. I'm a university student. I'm not Finnish and I'm not white. I don't have blonde hair and my skin color is brown. I did hear that's there's racism in Finland when I first arrived here. I didn't believe it. I thought it's Europe it should be more open minded. I'm not a refugee here nor do I want to stay here after I finish my studies. I'm not from an Arab country nor do I speak Arabic and I'm not Muslim, not that either of these is a bad thing, however people often assume that I am all of those. You guys can hate me for posting this or downvote this but I had to post how I felt. I have been thinking about posting this for a while but didn't, however something happened last night that made me decide I'll finally post this. I was at a bar and I'm pretty shy but I gathered the courage to go up to this girl and talk to her. I went up to a girl and asked her if she speaks English, her reply was, "you should go back to where you came from". I don't use Tinder anymore but I used it for a while, needless to say I didn't get any match. Any match was probably because of a mistaken swipe since pretty much everyone unmatches. But that wasn't an issue for me coz I don't have high hopes from online dating. I'm fairly attractive and I would modestly rate myself 7. I'm 25 years old and I have average BMI so I'm not overweight or anything. Often times I have conversations with a girl and it goes great until I tell her where I'm from and I can see how they want to get away from me after that. I feel they expect me to say I'm American since I have kind of an American accent. Other times girls and sometimes even guys refuse to interact with me. All of that makes me remember the quote, 'all men are created equal but some are created more equal than others'. I haven't had sex in a while and haven't been in a relationship with a girl for a while. Maybe I can get sex if I go to clubs for hunting girls, but I don't do that since I hate one night stands. I am at the point where I hate my skin and hair color. I know that's a stupid thing to say and it's not something I can control but if you are ever in my shoes you will understand. On the other hand I also hope no one is ever in the situation I am in. Here's my assessment of Finland, being brown is okay in Finland if you don't talk to any Finn, keep it to yourself if you like a Finnish girl and try to find other brown people if you don't want to feel lonely. If you're thinking about coming to Finland for studies or work, keep these things in mind. I wish someone had told me this before I made a decision. I'm sure one day Finns will be open to people with other skin colors, but sadly that day is not today.

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